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C-Max Information

Mirenco’s C-Max system takes a unique, proactive approach to the growing problem of heavy duty diesel emissions. These systems offer the only option in the heavy duty diesel retrofit market that reduces the formation of diesel particulate matter, or soot, by up to 90 percent. The C-Max family of technology was recognized for it’s scientific and technological accomplishments and was honored in the Top 100 Energy Awards .

Below is a demonstration of the C-Max system.

Before C-Max

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After C-Max

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If you don't see the videos above you can use the MPEG versions here instead by Right-Clicking and Clicking Save Target As: Before C-Max and After C-Max.

As you can see, C-Max delivers dramatic improvements compared to a standard diesel bus without Mirenco’s technology. The demonstration above was from Xanterra, a bus company serving Grand Canyon National Park. The C-Max system is helping to protect one of America’s greatest natural attractions by reducing diesel particulate matter emissions by more than 50 percent.

Rather than merely masking heavy duty diesel emissions through an expensive particulate filter, Mirenco’s system solves the problem at the source, the engine.

The affordable C-Max system PREVENTS excess, unburned diesel fuel from spewing out the tailpipe as soot, by delivering only as much fuel as the engine needs. C-Max accomplishes this through a solid state, electronic throttle delay and throttle stop that can easily be programmed with a hand-held computer. C-Max was created through a collaborative partnership between Mirenco and the U.S. Department of Energy's Kansas City Plant.

While particulate filters need ultra-low sulfur diesel to work effectively, the C-Max system works with all grades of diesel fuel. C-Max adapts to all types of heavy duty diesel engine platforms, including: transit buses, school buses, shuttle buses, delivery vehicles, over-the-road trucks, mining equipment, construction equipment, and farm implement. 

Mirenco’s C-Max system not only cleans the air, it helps the driver better manage the entire vehicle. Black smoke signals much more than environmental damage.
      Smoke signals:
      1. Wasted fuel.
      2. Poor combustion.
      3. Higher maintenance costs.

The C-Max system benefits the entire diesel vehicle from the throttle to the tailpipe and works for new and old diesel vehicles.
      1. Increases fuel efficiency
      2. Reduces emissions.
      3. Extends vehicle life.

How does it work? 

C-Max works simply and effectively because it corrects the natural tendency of drivers to over-accelerate when bringing a diesel vehicle up to the desired speed.

Great examples are everywhere. City buses slow down and stop to pick up passengers. The bus driver then goes full throttle to bring the bus up to speed, while leaving behind a black plume of smoke filled with diesel particulate matter.

Then, the driver needs to stop just a few blocks away for the next passenger. C-Max evens out the jackrabbit starts and stops by delivering only the amount of fuel that is needed. The results are cleaner emissions, fuel savings, and extended vehicle life.

C-Max gives drivers or managers the flexibility to program their diesel vehicles to their specifications. Each diesel vehicle can be programmed independently to match the demands placed upon it and reduce heavy duty diesel emissions. C-Max can be programmed on multiple parameters with a hand-held computer for vehicles with electronic fuel injection. 

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