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From the Desk of the CEO






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From the Desk of the CEO

Dwayne Fosseen, CEO

March 9, 2012

It is looking good for MDEP ‘Mirenco Diesel Evaluation Procedure’ becoming a world standard engine diagnostic technology that provides significant vehicle cost of operation savings.

Mirenco’s new MDEP diesel combustion diagnostic unit introduced in January of this year is looking good for providing Mirenco record sales in 2012. We are pleased with the simplicity and easy to learn operation of Mirenco’s new MDEP unit designed to quickly sniff out engine combustion problems that create shorter engine life and poor fuel efficiency. The new MDEP diagnostic unit provides diesel fuel chemistry information from a diesel engine exhaust stack in less than 10 minutes. Diesel engines today are capable of converting almost all the diesel fuel injected into power and the chemistry of combustion as it exits the exhaust stack is invisible to the human eye. As an engine ages or an engine develops a mechanical part failure the engine will no longer burn all the fuel injected. The new Mirenco MDEP combustion diagnostic unit can measure combustion efficiency from a brand new 2012 engine fresh off the assembly line burning 100% of the fuel injected to an engine ready for an overhaul burning only 70% of the diesel fuel being injected.

Because of high fuel prices fleet owners are wanting to maintain combustion efficiency over the engine life closer to factory new. In the past, little if any engine service was done on an engine to maintain maximum fuel efficiency simply because no one had the technology to quickly and affordably measure diesel engine exhaust chemistry. Engine service was called in only when the engine would not run or was not developing the power to do the work required each day. The fuel price and cost of engine overhauls have resulted into a whole new ballgame when it comes to engine service. Fleet owners no longer can afford to operate engines with up to 30% fuel loss out of the exhaust stack. I have seen many engines evaluated having around 20% combustion loss that run on all cylinders and have the power to perform the work required. The problem is 2 gallons of diesel fuel out of every 10 pumped into the vehicle fuel tank having an engine with only 80% combustion efficacy is exactly the same as paying for 2 gallons of fuel dumped on the ground or blown out the exhaust stack.

March 19th Mirenco will begin MDEP training for one of the lager mining companies. Mirenco technicians will provide instructions on how to operate the new MDEP combustion diagnostic unit. Following the three week MDEP training program the mining company will have adequate staff to conduct their own MDEP evaluations as part of normal engine service 24-7. We are starting at one of their largest locations that will serve as a pilot program and model. This model will become a standard MDEP training procedure as they expand MDEP to all their plant locations globally. The MDEP combustion results will provide the company information fleet management will be using for better managing diesel fuel and engine life.


Dwayne Fosseen, CEO

Mirenco, Inc.

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