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Mirenco’s New MDEP Equipment Is Ready For Service

RADCLIFFE, IA, Jan. 19, 2012

After several months of development work between Mirenco and our hardware development partners the new MDEP equipment is ready for service. Mirenco is now offering the new MDEP equipment package to our distributor and customers alike. The new MDEP equipment will provide our users with a custom experience while performing MDEP evaluations. The new equipment is much easier and user friendly while providing improved functionality and shorter evaluation times. The new equipment also provides Mirenco with significantly improved data gathering and validation capabilities.



Integrated RFID, Bluetooth and wireless communication are key to the new equipments ability to provide our users with a much simpler and less time consuming experience.

          • RFID technology is used to quickly identify a piece of equipment when performing a MDEP evaluation. Prior to completing a MDEP evaluation on an engine, an RFID tag will be created with the proper information on it for Mirenco to properly identify that engine and will then be attached to the engine itself. When future MDEP evaluations are completed the MDEP service provider will simply scan the RFID tag to properly identify the engine being evaluated. Scanning the RFID tag significantly reduces the setup time prior to a MDEP evaluation and also guarantees that the information sent to Mirenco is consistent and accurate.





          • Bluetooth communication within the new MDEP equipment allows the user to freely move about the equipment while performing a MDEP evaluation without the inconvenience of a wired connection between the MDEP bench and handheld. Bluetooth communications is a wireless solution for communication between the MDEP service technician and the new MDEP equipment itself.

           • Standard Wireless communication is also built into the new MDEP equipment allowing users to directly connect to and send MDEP evaluation data to Mirenco at any time. This feature provides ease of use and a quick turnaround for our MDEP customers.




Mirenco is proud to offer the new MDEP equipment to our customers and excited to experience the greatly improved capabilities of the MDEP service.  If you have an interest in MDEP services or the new MDEP equipment please contact Mirenco and we will connect you to your local MDEP service provider.




Mirenco is a Radcliffe, Iowa-based company that specializes in patented vehicle management technology and consultative services for reducing vehicle emissions, improving fuel economy and lengthening the service life of heavy-duty diesel vehicles. More information is available at, or via e-mail at or by calling 800.423.9903.



Dwayne Fosseen Mirenco
Radcliffe, Iowa
Phone: 1-800-423-9903

Mirenco’s New MDEP Equipment Is Ready For Service

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