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Mirenco, Inc. Signs on Major Mining Company for 2006 Combustion Management Program 

Mirenco goes on L.A. radio to build Service Centers

Mirenco completed preparation and is ready to launch a radio ad campaign in Los Angeles, California. The campaign is targeted to three population segments:

  1. Citizens - To gain their involvement in having them identify smoky diesel vehicles.
  2. Prospective Service Centers - To gain their attention and interest in becoming certified Mirenco air quality service centers.
  3. Prospective Customers - To gain the attention of fleet owners/operators who work to comply with the California Air Resource Board's air quality standards.

The radio ads are designed to remind over one million listeners that there we all face both an air quality problem and a fuel supply and price issue. Professionally designed, the ad uses rich audio including traffic and exhaust sound effects as well as audio sound bites of 1970's Presidential speeches discussing the fuel crisis.

Listeners are encouraged to get involved and are directed to Mirenco's web site. Our website has been redesigned to provide education and information regarding air quality and fuel issues along with interactive forms allowing feedback.

Additionally, the performance of Mirenco's DriverMax technology is displayed graphically, in video, and numerically so that those new to Mirenco can see for themselves the tremendous positive effects that can be readily gained. Results are posted that outline the relationship between black smoke (opacity) and wasted fuel, Mirenco's National Park installation, and a public transit authority installation. 

About Mirenco

Mirenco is a Radcliffe, Iowa-based Company that specializes in patented vehicle management technology and consultative services for reducing vehicle emissions, improving fuel economy and lengthening the service life of heavy-duty diesel vehicles.  More information is available at a href="">, or via e-mail at or by calling 800.423.9903.

Some of the statements made in this press release are forward-looking in nature.  Actual results may differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements.  Additional information concerning Mirenco, Inc. can be found within Mirenco's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Statements in this release should be evaluated in light of this additional information.

Contact Information:
Dwayne Fosseen

Mirenco’s New MDEP Equipment Is Ready For Service

New MDEP Equipment Makes It's First Dollar


New MDEP Program Launched by Whayne Supply



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