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Mirenco Continues Installing High-Profile Vehicles 

Mirenco Installs A DriverMax®/HydroFire® Combination on Bus Targeted For Presidential Candidate

In continuing their efforts toward their much-anticipated launch, Mirenco has sought high-profile vehicles on which to install their DriverMax® and HydroFire® technologies. In keeping with that pre-launch strategy, Mirenco has just completed the installation and initial performance monitoring of a second bus that is currently slated to be carrying one of our Presidential candidates.

The installation was performed at the Mirenco headquarters in Radcliffe Iowa. Tests on a measure of visible pollution, termed opacity measurements, were performed before and after the installation. The clearly visible results are available on the web (click here for video results).

Dwayne Fosseen, Chairman and CEO of Mirenco, was on hand at the installation and performance testing, commenting that "we've grown accustomed to seeing people's reactions to the dramatic improvements we offer." Mr. Fosseen added, "people are always amazed when they see that smarter use of the throttle doesn't cut emissions, it makes emissions not happen in the first place."

Mirenco's patented technology works to give the driver better, and smarter, use of the throttle since a portion of the fuel an engine receives is wasted and turned into pollution. Mr. Fosseen commented on the technology, saying "everyone is trying to clean up emissions after they are already produced, and that is fine, but we go at it from the other side by working to eliminate much of the original cause of the problem to begin with...we're hopeful that installation on high-profile buses that potential Presidents ride on will continue to give us the exposure we need to wake up the world." Mirenco previously found great success and exposure when their technology was recognized by former Presidential candidate Steve Forbes while he was using one of the Mirenco-installed buses. 

The fact that Mirenco's technologies are electronically driven allows for easy demonstration of the benefits of the products. Although in production installations the driver is usually not capable of disabling the unit, for demonstration purposes these units were installed with the ability to easily enable and disable the technology. Unlike a number of other solutions and fuel additives, the effectiveness of Mirenco's technology is very easily demonstrated. Mr. Fosseen added, "Once you add something to the fuel or modify the engine, it's hard to quickly and easily show the before and after effects to someone as dramatically as can be seen with our technology. We hope that our next President, whoever that might be, will see the technology and be as impressed as everyone else is."

Mirenco is planning a launch that they hope will put their unique, patented technology in the spotlight and on all new vehicles as they roll off the line. Additionally Mirenco is designing new technologies that they intend on marketing into the existing population of vehicles worldwide upon execution of their launch plan. 

About Mirenco

Mirenco is a Radcliffe, Iowa-based Company that specializes in patented vehicle management technology and consultative services for reducing vehicle emissions, improving fuel economy and lengthening the service life of heavy-duty diesel vehicles.  More information is available at, or via e-mail at or by calling 800.423.9903.

Some of the statements made in this press release are forward-looking in nature.  Actual results may differ materially from those projected in forward-looking statements.  Additional information concerning Mirenco, Inc. can be found within Mirenco's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Statements in this release should be evaluated in light of this additional information.

Contact Information:
Dwayne Fosseen

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