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From the Desk of the CEO






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From the Desk of the CEO

Dwayne Fosseen, CEO

August 03, 2009

I am pleased to announce that on July 23 and 24, 2009, Whayne Supply Company, at its corporate headquarters in Louisville, KY, hosted an introductory event focusing 100 percent on Mirenco technology to fellow Caterpillar distributors interested in becoming Mirenco product and service providers. The two-day event included an evening dinner on July 23, with presentations and on-vehicle demonstrations of Mirenco technology on July 24. Representatives from six Caterpillar dealers were on site for the event with additional representatives from another eleven Caterpillar dealers joining the presentation portion of the event through a web-hosted conference.

Meeting location at Whayne Supply in Louisville, KY

The event started Friday morning with a Whayne Supply/Mirenco introduction by Richard Scott, vice president of sales and product support for Whayne Supply. Jim Durrett, Whayne Supply's products support sales manager, presented the economics of MDEP (Mirenco Diesel Evaluation Procedure) services and Mirenco's C-Max/D-Max products. Dale Hikes, Whayne Supply's emissions and performance engineer, talked about MDEP services and products in more depth. Mike Carr, principal engineer from the Department of Energy, Kansas City Plant, presented the long-working history between Mirenco and the Department of Energy. Mr. Carr talked about the development of the C-Max and D-Max technology, and how Mirenco and the Department of Energy worked together in this endeavor. Mr. Carr's presentation went a long way towards Mirenco's credibility and the high quality of its products.

Representatives from Whayne Supply, Mirenco and visiting Caterpillar Dealers

The afternoon provided hands-on demonstrations on one of the many pieces of heavy equipment in Whayne Supply's equipment lot. MDEP evaluations were performed several times and a C-Max system was installed to demonstrate the product's effectiveness. MDEP evaluations were performed on a Caterpillar D-9 Dozer with and without the C-Max technology in use. MDEP results were quickly processed and showed an improvement of over 2,600 gallons of fuel savings and 1,000 lbs. of emissions reduction annually when using the C-Max system. The two day event successfully introduced Mirenco to 30 percent of the Caterpillar distributors in the United States and Canada demonstrating first-hand how Mirenco technology can be put to work for Caterpillar dealers and their customers.

C-Max Technology Demonstrated on a D9 Caterpillar Dozer C-Max ON C-Max OFF

Dwayne Fosseen, CEO

Mirenco Inc.

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